Prices are in Euro, left column includes VAT for EC customers, right column is for Export customers

Code Name


Price in Euro
tax incl for EC customers
ECTax free
GLE6502 US NAVY BLIMP 33.00 27.5
GLENCOE Injection Kit info
GLE5903 NAVY SEAL 18.24 15.2
GLENCOE 1/8 Resin Figure
GLE5901 EXPLORER I 0.0 0
GLENCOE 1/6 Injection Kit OUT OF PRODUCTION info
GLE5504 USN K-CLASS BLIMP 17.01 14.17
GLENCOE 1/330 Injection Kit
GLE5502 CONVAIR TWA 18.1 15.08
GLENCOE 1/125 Injection Kit
GLE5501 VICKERS VISCOUNT 21.58 17.98
GLENCOE 1/96 Injection Kit
GLENCOE 1/48 Injection Kit OUT OF PRODUCTION info
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